We'll Miss You

Just over two years ago, we started a business.

When we first told our closest friends and family members about our new venture, the responses were, overwhelmingly, all in the realm of: "You?!?!" "Is this a joke?" and "If I had a nickel for every time I thought you'd start a sex toy shop, I'd be broke!" Growing up in conservative, mid-west families, we never thought we'd get into this line of business either! There's a stigma regarding this industry, and we were out to break it!

Unfortunately, we failed after pouring our hearts, soul, and personal financial investments into Neon Bliss.

The truth is this is a complex industry to be successful. Many manufacturers of the highest-quality products on the market have set minimum prices at which we can advertise, making it extremely difficult to compete with other well-known names. Some larger retailers can use their buying power to skirt these agreements. To make matters worse, a small handful of manufacturers of popular products even disallow you to advertise their brands because they prefer to sell directly to consumers when they can. 

It's not all bad, though. Through our endeavor, we learned a lot and met some of the kindest and helpful people we've encountered in business. Most people in this industry genuinely have the sexual health and well-being of everyone in mind. We want to thank all our suppliers who have been incredible partners throughout our journey. We can't recommend these brands enough.

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And if you're looking for a one-stop shop for something new, please check out one of the following retailers: SheVibe, HappyBed, Buzzloveshop. These retailers are all small businesses focusing on customer service and a wide selection of body-safe products.

If you need support with a product you purchased please either reach out to the product manufacturer or [email protected]